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Progressive Relation and Nuclear Cooperation with Deh-Han-Min-Ghuk (Republic of Korea)

Deh-han-min-ghuk is how Koreans love to call their country The Republic of Korea. With a long historical and cultural connection threaded between India and Republic of Korea, it is not a surprise for me to see the welcoming progress being made by them in building partnership and promoting trade.

The bilateral Trade between South Korea and India have grown multifold in these two years of our trade relation. On 1st January 2010, India and Republic of Korea entered into a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement(CEPA).The trade crossed US$20 billion in 2011. Now in 2012 the Bilateral trade between the two countries have increased by about 70%. The working of CEPA is reviewed and updated as an when required by a joint committee which was instituted at the level of Commerce/Trade Ministers. The first meeting of this joint committee took place in Delhi on 20 January 2011 and the Second is scheduled to be held in Seoul later this year.

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The Unacceptable Case of Stapled Visa

(Inset: Indian Prime minister Manmohan Singh with Chinese Premier Wen Jibao.)

For those who need an introduction to Stapled Visa, it is a Visa which is issued by the visiting country on a separate paper rather than on your passport. Often Immigration officers won’t stamp your passport if you are carrying a stapled visa. And that is what happened Jan 2011 when Abraham K Techi, Joint secretary of Indian Weightlifting Federation and another weightlifter from his state Arunachal Pradesh were not allowed by immigration officials at New Delhi’s IGI Airport because of the stapled visas issued to them by the Chinese embassy.

This is not the first instance. In 2007, China had denied visa to IAS officer Ganesh Koyu who hailed from Arunachal Pradesh. He was a member of 107 strong IAS officers team on a management programme to China. This programme which was a study visit to Beijing and Shanghai to learn more about Chinese economic growth and policies was cancelled at the intervention of the Prime Minister because of Beijing’s refusal to grant visa to koyu.

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“Ola’ Como Vai? “ India’s campus buzz in coming years


It was seven years back that I started using the above lines each time I started a conversation with one of my best friends from Brazil. Though in India you can find Students of Russia, Korea, US, Canada, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and many other countries, you would rarely find a Brazilian student. May be there numbers in India are too negligible. During my college life I came across lot of foreign students and even learnt quite a bit of their language, even turned certified in Korean but now out of college what I am going to miss is to say “Ola’ Como Vai?” in my campus.

“Ola’ Como Vai?” in Portuguese mean “Hello! How are you?”. Even one can us “E ai’” which would mean “whats up”.

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