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Delhi Pradesh National Panther Party demands dismissal of Omar Abdullah

28 March 2013, New Delhi: A massive protest was held at Jantar Mantar this afternoon by the Panthers Party activists seeking immediate dismissal of Omar Abdullah as Chief Minister for having challenged the Accession of the State with the Union of India and expressed full support to the Pak-terrorists entering India via Nepal thus endangering the security of the State and secular nature of the country.

Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party

Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party

Prof Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP who led the protest called on the political parties, civil society and the media in the country to wake up to the danger that has been posed by the National Conference and its Chief Minister in J&K. He held Omar Abdullah guilty for conspiring against the Union of India and the Constitution. The Panthers Party Supremo said that  Omar Abdullah should have been dismissed without a minute’s delay when he attacked the Union of India on the floor of the Assembly on 11th March, 2013 and challenged the legality of the Accession.

The Panthers activists urged the Members of Parliament to take up the issue irrespective of their party affiliations so that J&K is saved from further death and destruction which is likely to be caused if Omar Abdullah is allowed to act illegally as the Chief Minister of J&K. Panthers accused the State Congress for playing a treacherous game against the nation only for the sake of their petty jobs in the government and small dose.


Supreme Court Lawyers Hunger Strike on Sri Lankan Tamil Issue

19th March 2013, New Delhi: In the wake of US-Sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka’s alleged violation of Human rights against civilians , The Tamil Lawyers of Supreme Court are on a Hunger strike to demand an Indian vote in support of the resolution.

Tamil Lawyers of Supreme Court demanding Governement vote to support UN-Sponsored resolution

“Fearing China, India is reluctant to vote in favour of the resolution which US has planned to bring in the United Nations Council, while ideally Indian Government themselves should have adopted a resolution voluntarily against the Sinhalese War atrocities.” says an advocate. He further adds, “Channel 4 in the UK seems to be more caring and voicing support for the suffering Tamil group in Lanka, than our national news channels here in India. While the world around us seems to be more united against the Rajapaksha’s Government, our very own  Indian Government has let us down. Politicians are increasingly demonstrating their reluctance to vote in favour of the US planned resolution”

The Indian vote for the resolution is circling  the political and civil sections leading to several debates.

G.L Peiris, Sri Lankan foreign minister in a recent interview to a leading newspaper said “Since India has seen and made an immense contribution in the north: Building houses, laying railway tracks and helping with agricultural inputs and the creation of livelihoods. We believe therefore that she has a moral responsibility to support us. It is in her interest, no less than in ours, to ensure that there is a stable, long lasting settlement.”

DMK, the main opposition party in Tamil Nadu, threatened the Government to pull out its 18 MPs if it does not support the resolution. The party even demains 2 amendments to the resolution, Calling the killing of Lankan Tamils genocide and to censure Lanka for war crimes. Though withdrawal of 18MPs will  not destabilize the government, the move will increase its dependence on Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samajwadi Party.

Indraprastha College for Women’s Drama Festival : Team Abhivyakti Focuses on Socio-Political Issues

17th March 2013, New Delhi: Divas from Dramatic Society, Abhivyakti, of Indrapratha college for Women, Delhi University, brought into focus some of the crucial incumbent problems faced by the society through three of their brilliantly conceptualized  directed and choreographed plays.

The festival organised on 16 March at LTG Auditorium, Mandi House saw the presence of a large theater loving crowd cheering the performers.

Abhivyakti performing at Indraprastha College Drama Fest

Abhivyakti performing at Indraprastha College Drama Fest

While the first performance, a street play, “Aap Seditionist hain” focused on the UPA Government’s attempt to stifle the voices raised by common man against them, the one act play, Crave was about a girl trying to find herself and looking for meaning amid the absurdities of life.

Abhivyaktis Annual production, the full-length play, called Sakina was inspired by Saadat Hasan Manto’s short story, Khol do. In the play the character of Sakina, the main protagonist in Mantos book was portrayed with the colours of brutal rape and murder of a physiotherapy student of DU in December last year.

The core team included Kuljeet Singh in concept, design and direction and Dr. Manasvini M.Yogi in Production. Acting instructions were given by Diwakar Mishra and Choreogreography by  Niharika Bansal. Credits for Music, Light Design and Production Design were given to Sudhir rana, Himanshu Mehta and Priyankar Kumar respectively.

“Abhivyakti was among the first few dramatics societies of Delhi University. Founded at the time when women’s liberation was a cause of concern, the society performed its very first play on Dowry Issues. From then on there has been no looking back.” says one of the artist.

The Drama festival being the first for the college, was organised after their dramatic society, Abhivyakti, started winning awards consistently for their innovative plays.

Central and Regional Tibetan Women’s Association organize the “Tibetans Stand Together in Joy and Sorrow” Movement

12 March 2013, New Delhi: The oppressive policies of the Chinese government in Tibet continuously push Tibetans from all walks of life to self-immolate. Since Tapey self-immolated on 8 February 2009, one hundred and four Tibetans inside Tibet have set themselves on fire in protest. Out of this number, eighty-seven have died, and the status of the rest is still unknown. The unified demands of all the self-immolation call for freedom of Tibet and return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet.

To express their solidarity, the Central and Regional Tibetan Women’s Association have organized this peaceful movement “Tibetans Stand together in Joy and Sorrow” in the capital. “We would like to state that Tibetans are unsatisfied with he status of occupation and with the harsh policies implemented in Tibet. This oppressive rule has, against its intention, incited greater resistance, and acted as an unwavering catalyst to the increasing number of self-immolation as well as peaceful demonstration” said Pema Choedon.  She adds, ” We call for China to recognize more than 60 years of failed policies in Tibet. At the same time we firmly deny China’s invalid accusation that His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Central Tibetan Administration are encouraging self-immolation among Tibetan people.”

The central and regional Tibetan Women’s Association comprised of more than 16000 members across the globe. T.D Bhutia, one of the women campaigners said ” We want that UNO must send their peacekeeping force to Tibet, The International committee must recognize all the non-violent protest adopted by Tibetans, including self-immolation and ask China to show respect towards the Tibetan community.”

Tenzin Dekhyi, another Tibetan says, ” The international committee must call for China to open Tibet to international free media, pressure China to review its policies on Tibet, and also carry out a thorough research on Human Rights status of Tibetans inside Tibet.”

The Association has campaigned to encourage International Tibet Support groups and organisations who champion Human Rights to speak for the freedom of  Tibet.


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